ABOUT US 当サロンについて

「With more Youth, Beauty, Pleasure and Dreams」

Salon「VIJIN」originating from a Japanese word meaning a beautiful person,
our first salon was founded in New York over 25 years ago.
We believe our mission is to help everybody in the world to reach their full beauty potentials.
And our Philosophy stays the same here at Shukugawa Salon.

Salon Vijin has more than 25 years of history in New York.
We welcome all our customers with exceptionaly hospitality, extensive skills developed in New York, and Japan's leading cosmetic techniques.
We have mius-ion installed in our salon ahead of times. Our customer's healthy hair-life in mind, we provide styles that matches each and every customer's individuality.

Definition of 「Creating a hair style」 at VIJIN

* 「Suiting, Easily Maintained, Trend」as our basic concepts, we provide hair styles that can elavate the beauty of an adult women to the next level.
* Transition from 「making a styles」 to「creating a styles」. We propose and express the best style fit for each of our customer's lifestyle.

In the United States, we use the expression hair is「a part of your personality」.
Not only do we want to provide beauty, but beauty that is unique and individual to each of our customers.