LAYOUT 店内レイアウト

「より若く、より美しく、より楽しく そしてより夢を」

A relaxing luxurious environment

With comforting large chairs and triple mirrors, we present our customers with a semi-private environment. Please enjoy a moment of elegance and luxury at our salon.

Peace for both your body and mind

We have arranged areas which reflects the image of a forest within the salon. These environments will keep our customers relaxed and left from the bustle of city life.

Comfort of the full-flat

The pleasant leather texture. Stable and resilient seats slowly tilts down to become full-flat. Our full-flat seats will offer our customers with the finest moments of comfort and luxury.

Quality of Relaxation

Our neck device were particually made for head spas. The thick gel cushions will keep our customers at best comfort for a long period of time. Two Additional gel ball cushions has been installed from former neck devices, distributing the burden into three places.